Who Invented And Sold Siri To Apple?

Siri is a helper app in the iOS 5.0 for iPhone 4S. Since it has been released in iPhone 4S, everyone has been discussing its features and It has gained popularity in the whole world in the short time. Today we have discovered some history about this great feature e.g. Siri didn’t invented in Cupertino like most of the Apple and iOS products. It was rumored, which now appears to be correct when it is revealed that Apple has bought Siri in $200 million.

Siri was originally invented by a 44 year old Norwegian Dag Kittlaus. Dag Kittlaus was the co-founder of Siri who became an fast millionaire after selling his conception to Apple. He also mentioned that he got a call by Apple and it was Steve Jobs himself. Steve asked that he want a possible acquisition of Kittlaus team and their Siri technology.

Of course it was a great moment when Steve Jobs called and wanted to buy my company. It was surreal. When I heard that it was him, I knew we had made it big. In advance, we were pretty confident that the technology we had developed was so startling that we would get some kind of breakthrough. Steve was the first caller.

Siri in Norwegian means “beautiful victorious counselor”. Kittlaus spent 18 months developing with Apple before leaving the company in October. He also quoted that the iPhone team at Apple are not working for money but they just want to create fantastic products with some extra ordinary ideas.

[via 9to5mac]

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