Skype Video Chat in Facebook… Is it possible..?

Can you believe that  few years ago no one can imagine that one day we will be habitual of using a social network called Facebook. Why do people prefer Facebook rather than using  any other social network ? Just for a single reason which is its friendly usage. One can easily access and customize it as his/her profile or social circle. Skype another success bundle in its area. Now days, Skype’s video chatting provide you a remarkable experience of video chatting.

What will be happened if these two finest groups share some features with each other. Yes, I am talking about Skype video chat while using Facebook.  As, Facebook developer  Tal Ater has rekindled speculation around the idea in spotting a “VideoChat” object in Facebook’s code.

Skype already  integrated a Facebook tab which allows Skype users to make  call or SMS to their Facebook friends on Skype but no certain tab is being introduced by Facebook yet.  May be Facebook add Skype video chat option or they are trying to build their own video chat service for Facebook users.

After all, Facebook’s new messaging system is an attempt to make communication more flawless and efficient. The way back in May 2009 and Facebook responded by saying they were testing such a feature but had no plans to launch it to users.  Let see when we will be surprised by Facebook on giving such options to the users.!

[via Mashable]

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