Oracle Sued Google, Shocking…

How can I imagine that one can cheat at this level of work but it looks like. Ya! I am really shocked to know that Google is highlighted in copying Java files in their Android OS.

Now as we all know that Sun Microsystems are now owned by Oracle and they already sued Google last year for  the violation of their copyrights of Java scripts. Their case, is now more stronger when Florian Mueller, a intellectual property activist, proved that Google copied at least 43 Android source files from Java.

As reported, Google used 37 Android source files marked  “confidential” by Oracle and 6 in Froyo and Gingerbread which they decompiled and realized under the Apache open source license without permission. Answering to it they gave excuse of using these files just for the sake of testing  and these files have no importance for the core OS.

Now this is the threat for Google as well as for the all various smart phones manufacturing companies which already invested billion of dollars in manufacturing Android based smart phones. Oracle is looking positive in winning this case and it happens then they will ask for royalty on every Android based smart phone.

[via engadget]

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