Microsoft Releases App Porting Tool for iPhone Apps to Windows Phone 7

Looks like Microsoft has finally found out the real key for a successful mobile operating system is hidden in good quality applications store. Now Microsoft is working to develop a platform to give developers an easier way to port their iOS apps to WP7.  As WMPowerUser reports, Microsoft’s new porting tool tries to break down the barriers usually associated with taking an app from one platform and porting it to another by giving developers an easy way to take iOS API calls and map them straight to existing Windows Phone 7 APIS.

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android is already fighting to prove their supremacy, but we can’t miss another giant in the industry. Microsoft has high hopes for its Windows Phone 7 platform, though a lack of apps restrict them to grow fast like their rivals.

For this new platform process Microsoft is also providing a documentation for developers to help understand the process. This is surely a good move by Microsoft for catching up the Apple’s App Store and Android’s Market and this new tool could well prove worth in the mobile OS wars.

Windows Phone API Mapping Tool can be downloaded from here.

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