Google Earth 6 [Empowering Street View and 3D Trees]

Google started its journey from a simple search engine and day by day they are  growing their products for the facilitation of users. Today, I am also highlighting one of the application which already opens new dimensions in its field. Yes, I am talking about Google Earth 6, the latest version of this application.

Now you can view your lands with using more effective and creative tools. Two main features of this version are:

  • Integrated Street View Experience

If you are already using Google Earth from 1st version then it is very easy for you to observe the change in it. In starting we can only manage to see the top of the roofs of houses and buildings. Even the last version of Google earth only provide the facility to  view streets. Now you can have the experience of smooth flight of viewing streets. Now, Pegman is dock right alongside the navigation controls. If you want a virtual walk just drop the Pegman there and by using scroll wheel or arrow keys on keyboard you can enjoy the ultimate experience of virtual walk on streets. Press “Exit” button to go for another place .

  • 3D trees.

How do we breath ?Yes, its oxygen ! Plants are the best source of oxygen . Google is also working on making this world more green . Applying it on Google Earth 6 ,now you can view 3D trees of many types. Just imagine you have a virtual walk among the beautiful trees. For this you have to use the Zoom slider button to arrive at your destination and have a green experience among the 3D trees.

  • Historical imagery access is much easier now

In Google Earth 5, we got the option to view the historical imagery of any land mark. Now this version. intimates  about the historical imagery when you are on flight of any  land. The date of the oldest imagery will show in the status bar at the bottom of the screen and by clicking it you will have the required view. If you want to go back to normal view then close the time control option.

[via Google Blog]

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